Product Description

The Mona Bag is a convenient, easy foldable, insulated wallet that transforms into a shopping tote with three additional bags tucked inside an inner pocket. When fully closed it has a snap closure with a zippered pocket on the back side to use simply as a wallet. The outer material is a brown faux leather that is a fully washable poly-vinyl product;  it is the size of a women's wallet.

When the wallet is opened the interior is lined with a Leopard coat print representing "Mia", one of the Leopard residents at the Wildlife Waystation Sanctuary. As you unfold the lining you'll discover you have an full sized tote,16" x 16" and lined with a lightweight, yet durable, silver reflective PVC foil material for hot/cold sensitive items. There are two 9" handles to carry the tote over your shoulder or on your arm.

After fully opening your wallet into the tote you'll now discover there is an additional hidden pocket behind the zippered pocket's placket, concealing three unlined totes made of rip-stop fabric for non-perishables; (Dimensions are the same as the lined tote.) When done using your tote, the handles and body fold back into themselves very neatly, as do the additional pocket bags.