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Product Description

A purse, a reusable bag, a Mona bag! The Mona bag is a reusable tote that folds nicely into a stylish purse, it looks great on everyone. Simply, wear your gorgeous brown faux leather purse into the store and upon checkout expand it to hold your groceries.

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The Wildlife Waystation is an animal sanctuary running solely off volunteers and donations they receive. The Wildlife Waystation is manned 24 hours a day by dedicated and trained volunteers. Every Mona bag purchase contributes 10% of proceeds to the sanctuary!

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Plastic Pollution

The Mona Bag helps cut down the use of plastic bags which helps save our environment and the animals from getting trapped in it. Majority of items we buy contain plastic because it is strong, flexible, and relatively cheap for manufacturers.

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About Mona

What began 16 years ago as a volunteering effort at a private, non-profit animal sanctuary in Los Angeles, turned into a personal, heartfelt project that took me on an eight year creative endeavor to develop my Mona Bag.

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